June 3rd, 2004

Hong Kong

Well, Ben and I got to Hong Kong safely! The hostel has free internet, so we will be able to leave messages for the next couple days.

Our flight was long and kind of cramped, but Cathay Pacific has pretty good service, so it wasn't that bad. Right now we're mostly confused about what time of day it is, because it's 2pm but we've been awake since about 3am (after sleeping on the plane). Our plane got in at 7:30 this morning.

We took a bus from the airport to the area our hostel is in, which was kind of nice because we got to see a lot of the city and surrounding area out the windows. I took a couple pictures of the mountains, but I don't know if I'll be able to upload any pictures or not. Hong Kong is very very humid and crowded, but the actual temperature isn't too hot (it's in the 80s, probably low 80s, and it's cloudy). On our way to the hostel, we saw See's Candies, KFC, Seven Eleven, McDonald's, Starbucks, Kenny Rogers Roasters, Outback Steakhouse, and fifty million other American stores.

When we finally got to the hostel, we felt really gross (we'd been in the same clothes in cramped conditions for far too long!), especially after walking in the humidity with our luggage. We managed to check in at the hostel even though it was only around 10am, and immediately took cold showers and changed our clothes. The room we have is very small (just big enough for the bed and a small TV) and has an attached tiny bathroom (lacking in shower curtain, but it has a ledge so the water won't spread, and drains all over), but it is clean and the people who work here are friendly.

After changing our clothes and showering, we went to get some traveler's cheques cashed, which took quite a long time at the bank. We managed to get our money though, so we could pay the hostel in cash. We stopped for lunch at a Thai restaurant (we couldn't seem to find anything else besides ramen shops), which was okay but not great. We were really confused because they didn't bring us our check a long time, until we asked about paying. Also, they stand there and wait for you to give them money after bringing the check, which is a little different. Next time we think we'll try somewhere recommended in my guide book.

Our current plan is to head back to our room and relax for a little bit while we decide what we're going to do tomorrow. Since the internet is free, I'll probably post again tomorrow.

The moral of the story is that we made it across the Pacific safely, our hostel is fine, and we're about to fall asleep even though it's only 2pm.