June 6th, 2004

made it to Japan!

Well, we made it to Japan! There were a few mishaps (like missing the first train, and getting lost on the way to the hostel from the train station in the rain), but we made it eventually. The hostel is nice and clean, and there is a shared bathroom but it is very clean as well. Ben says it looks like everything in the building was bought from Ikea!

After we finally made it to the hostel, we went out to dinner. We ended up at a place where I could only understand about 10% of the menu, but we managed to get some tasty food! We got a "corokke", which is apparently some kind of potato thing, and rice and tea. At least the waitress understood my Japanese even if I couldn`t read the menu.

This keyboard is nearly impossible to type efficiently on because of the strange locations of some characters, and we`re paying for 15 minutes, so that`s about it for today. Tomorrow we`ll explore Kyoto!