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Excellent Adventure
Tuesday, June 15th, 2004

Date:2004-06-15 14:57
Subject:Still Alive!

Don`t worry, we`re still alive and well and on schedule! We haven`t had access to a computer for a long time though, and right now we`re paying at a cafe (200 yen for 30 minutes, about $2), so I`ll summarize. When we get back to free internet in Hong Kong I might add more details!

Kyoto, June 8Collapse )

Kanazawa, June 9 and 10Collapse )

Matsumoto, June 11 and 12Collapse )

More in next post!

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Date:2004-06-15 15:16

Morioka, June 13, Hakodate, June 14Collapse )

This morning we hopped on a train for Sapporo, finally made it to a bank, had lunch at an Italian place (better than the last Italian place), and here we are.

We`ll be here in Sapporo until the 17th, and then I am flying back to Hong Kong and Ben is flying back to LA via Hong Kong. Mom & Dad, the info for when Ben`s flight is getting in is in the first entry in this journal, and it`s Cathay Pacific. I bookmarked the Cathay Pacific web page so you can check the flight status. Ben says he really appreciates you coming to pick him up from the airport! I appreciate it too!

Since we have to pay for internet, I probably won`t post again until I`m back in Hong Kong with free internet. Hey Tiffany, do you still have the password so you can post? If not I`ll give it to you when I see you. According to my last email we`re meeting at the hostel, right? See you there!


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