June 19th, 2004

Enough of this pretentious drivel

(otherwise known as my -- not Jessica's -- writing).

Last night we went on a quest for clothing on the way to food in Lan Kwai Fong because we were doing laundry and J didn't want to wear her pajamas to dinner. Eventually we found out that Esprit (in the World Trade Center) is cheaper in Hong Kong than in the US and ended up at this restaurant called "The 50's" which could best be described as Elvis and Marilyn Monroe meet guns, sombrero, and pirates. They had this live band that played classic hits like "Only You" and "Eternal Flame". In short it was very Hong Kong. And J had good Eastern Pakistan style chicken. But the minimum charge was 145 HKD per person which necessitated ordering drinks from a menu that promised such enticing cocktails as "Nothing" and other similarly mysterious drinks. After dinner we wandered around and sat down by this "California" restaurant and bar where they served such other enticing cocktails as "Long Sex on an Island Beach" and "Screaming Orgasm" and "Chocolate Monkey."

Then we went home and watched music videos until 2 am. (The English channels were broadcasting such entertaining fare as "Baywatch" and "The Worst Witch.")

This morning we woke up and the first thing we did was turn on the TV for more music videos. When we finally got out of bed, we wandered out for a breakfast of baked goods which was consumed in a nearby McDonalds. Then we decided to go to Lamma Island (like llama, except not). Thus began our thrilling adventure, which constituted our arriving on the island, walking about 50 meters to the nearest bench, sitting for about 2 hours, and craving good Mexican food and lottery winnings. There were some interesting birds flying and diving around the harbor. And one tree that was taller than the others which J had the burning desire to trim.

After that we got back on the ferry and headed home, planning to purchase a cold lunch of bread, cheese, and fruit. This was achieved at the Central/Hong Kong station, which boasts a sprawling grocery store as well as a mall with stores and sales that I had trouble resisting. But! J dragged me away from temptation kicking and screaming, whereupon we made our way back to good old Wang Fat and enjoyed a nice lunch in bed in front of the television, which finally showed the video for the new L'Arc~en~Ciel song. (J's note: yay!)

Tomorrow we leave for Singapore where we expect to sweat out all our toxins. It's like living in a sauna!