June 23rd, 2004

Last day in Singapore

Today we went to the beach! First, we stopped for lunch at a food court on the way into the beach park, which was pretty good. At the beach, we didn't really go in the water, but we poked our toes in, and it was surprisingly warm. The beach isn't that clean but it's not as dirty as the ones in LA either. We rented bikes and rode around the big beach park for a while, then stopped at an ice cream place where T had ice cream and I had a mango smoothie (yum! very refreshing).

After that we wandered off to Suntec City (a gigantic mall with the world's biggest fountain), where I talked Tiffany into sitting through Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (I told you I'd see it in Singapore!). Movie tickets were surprisingly cheap -- $6.50 singapore, or about $4 US. Definitely an improvement over Japan, where we decided not to see a movie for the yen equivalent of $18!

After that it was getting late, and T called up a person from Harvard who had offered to show us around. He took us to dinner at a seafood place which just happened to be back at the park again, where we had crab and prawns (yes, even *I* ate it!) followed by mango pudding.

We have to get up early tomorrow to go to the airport for our flights to Taiwan, so that's all for today! BTW, I've been sending postcards at various intervals to various people -- has anyone gotten one yet?

We'll post again from Taipei!