June 25th, 2004

Taipei, another day

Today we slept in way too late (we were up late doing laundry last night), then putted around T's aunt's apartment for a while eating baked goods and watching music videos. It was raining so we didn't really want to go out. Eventually it appeared to be dying down, and we though maybe we'd go browse some stores and hit up a museum (so that we wouldn't be outdoors too much).

After browsing the Sogo department store and a stop at Starbucks for salad and people watching, we headed toward the subway. Another quick stop was made at a music store, where I bought Japanese CDs at reasonable prices for once (like $20 for an album, instead of like $40). After that, we made it to the subway. The rain had stopped! So we decided to go to Danshui, which T said was a more scenic area. Good choice! There was some nice scenery around the harbor, and we wandered around a bunch of shops at a night-market like place (though it wasn't quite night yet, but whatever). I bought a bunch of souvenirs for people, finally! We also saw such interesting things as squid on a stick (it looked really gross, but I guess it must taste good), and I managed to order ice cream at McDonald's by pointing at it on the menu and smiling and nodding a lot.

After coming back, we had dinner at the food court under Sogo, then made our way over here to check our email.

We're thinking of maybe karaoke for tonight, and then no idea what we're doing tomorrow.

This internet cafe is kind of funny because it's full of all these guys playing like warcraft or whatever, and then like all the girls in the place are checking their email or livejournal or something. My only goal for tomorrow: find postcards somewhere. I still owe like 10 people postcards.