June 26th, 2004

taipei, last day

T's one interjection before J writes the entry (because people don't like my writing, tear): last night we went to cashbox in taipei, which was mad expensive but WORTH IT BECAUSE THEY ACTUALLY HAD LEON LAI'S 'ZHONG AI QING YOU' which I have been absolutely unable to locate in any U.S. karaoke place. and MC Hotdog! (Mark, are you reading this?!?!)

Okay, my turn now (I tried to make T write the whole entry but she refuses!). Today we bummed around for a little while, then went to lunch with T's relatives at Din Tai Fung (apparently a famous dim sum place) - yum! Of course, when I bit into a juicy dumpling, it squirted juice down the front of my shirt. At least today I had the sense to wear a black shirt! After that, we went to Ice Monster (another well-known place I had never heard of) and had this dessert which consists of shaved ice topped with mango and mango ice cream. Pretty tasty!

We made a stop at T's grandparents' place and had some sliced fruit, then headed to the Taipei Municipal Art Museum. The art museum was all modern art, and had some interesting stuff (all by Asian artists, which was interesting considering how little of the art in the US is). I bought some postcards, so if I can find a mailbox and a stamp vending machine tomorrow I might send them (otherwise they'll get sent from Tokyo).

After that, T's aunt drove us up this crazy mountain to a hot springs, where I got to take pictures of scenery! It was incredibly stinky though. I don't understand how people can bathe in something when the smell from quite a ways away makes me sick. Anyway, it was pretty and interesting, if smelly.

We drove from there to this area up in this mountain where they have all these flower gardens (Mom, I bet you would have liked it). We had dinner at a little place under a covered thingy (pseudo-outside) [T's interjection: you know you're eating authentic food when there are ants in the noodles and aphids in the sauce], which was pretty tasty. T's relatives ordered three desserts (sweet potato soup, sweet potato on shaved ice, and some sort of jelly boba tapioca ice thing)! I am so a fan of sweet potatoes. Yum.

After getting lost driving down the mountain, we finally made it back, and here we are. Tomorrow we're off to Tokyo! Not sure what the internet situation will be, but it's a hostel so it will probably have internet there.

I've been in Asia for over 3 weeks! :-O [T: O.O @.@] [J: o_O;] [T: now I am le tired.]