June 29th, 2004

Tokyo, day 2

We actually got up before 10 today and had a cheap, artery-clogging breakfast at McDonalds before heading out to the Imperial Palace Gardens, where we wandered around for a while ("wandered around" means "walked for five-minute intervals stopping at air-conditioned rest houses along the way"). But it was still pretty.

Then we made our way to the Ueno Park area, where there was a bakery. Bread was consumed in the Tokyo National Museum, which has lots of Asian art and artifacts, along with an Egyptian mummy. We spent most of the afternoon at the museum though we only saw half of it.

We had dinner at a conveyor-belt/monorail restaurant and came back here with a quick stop for juice (for J) and ice cream (for me). The discerning reader will note that our daily diet consists mainly of bread, ice cream, and water.

I have about 6 bug bites. And a centipede fell on me yesterday. Also yesterday while eating dinner we saw a ghetto-chic store called "Da Clothing."

-- Tiffany