July 2nd, 2004

Beijing, Day One

We made it safely to Beijing! We were so pooped last night that we decided to wait to post, and this morning we wanted to get moving. But here we are!

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I have postcards and stamps, so I'll try to send some tomorrow. I still haven't sent the postcards from Taipei! Oops. At least Beijing is cheap!

For reference -- only 13 days until we come home. [Valley-ism: Dude.] Actually, speaking of the Valley, while we were at the Forbidden city, this guy heard us talking and asked what part of the US we were from, and we said Los Angeles, and he asked where in LA, and we said the Valley, and he said, "Dude! We're from the Valley too! Where do you live, Northridge?" T told him she used to live there. Pretty weird, running into Valley people in Beijing! Or, as one might say, duuuuuuude.