July 13th, 2004

kata beach

Well, we spent today lazing at the beach. After spending quite a while last night watching TV, we slept in (until 9, not too late) this morning. We had breakfast at the restaurant on the beach where we had dinner last night, then went to sit at the beach itself. They have all these beach chairs with umbrellas out on the beach, and we paid 100 baht (about $2.50) for two chairs for the day.

On the way to the beach I had picked up a beach towel, which came in pretty handy for laying on on the chair (the covering was like plastic or something and so it was sticky). After we got ourselves set up, the first order of the day was spending money, of course. T went parasailing (I wussed out, but I got pictures of her!), and then we both rented jetskis (lots of fun -- may be repeated tomorrow). Each of those was 1000 baht (about $25, for 30 minutes on the jetski). I then rented a boogie board for the day for 100 baht (refreshingly cheap after the jetski), and we proceeded to loaf.

Some things I will miss when getting home: fresh pineapple juice most of all, meals for $2.50, beaches that are not covered with a million people and a ton of trash, and how cheap everything is (hotel rooms for $15 a night).

I thought I had avoided getting burned, but somehow in the span of when I got up from under the umbrella until I had rolled my towel up and put it away, I seem to have burned my arms. I guess I should have reapplied sunblock. Oops! I think it will probably be gone by tomorrow.

Right now we're wasting time in an internet cafe because it's air conditioned and it suddenly got really hot outside. When we're done here, it will probably be dinner time, then more movies on HBO.

See you in a couple days!