July 14th, 2004

Last day abroad!

Well, as expected we spent today lazing at the beach. I got a Thai massage (for about $7) at the beach, and T got a henna tattoo (lasts for two weeks). Not much else to report, because we basically sat under an umbrella for six hours or so.

There's this pack of dogs that shows up at the beach right around when everyone is leaving (like 5pm). It was really interesting to watch them. They're like a pack of domesticated dogs, so they'll wag their tails and want you to pet them, but at the same time you can watch their pack behaviors towards each other. I thought it was really fascinating!

Anyway, tomorrow is our big day of flying. We'll be arriving at LAX at 9:40pm Thursday. Mom & Dad, I guess I'll meet you at the curb or wherever the international arrivals meeting area is. It will probably take some time to pick up baggage and go through customs or whatever we have to do -- I bookmarked the Cathay Pacific website so you can check if my flight is on time. See you then!