asia04 (asia04) wrote,

back in Hong Kong

I'm back in Hong Kong, Ben is back in LA, and Tiffany is here with me, so we're all safe and sound where we're supposed to be!

On our last day in Sapporo, Ben and I went to a really nice park where we rented a rowboat and rowed around a lake! Not much else, as we had to go to the airport.

Flight was fine, Hong Kong immigration let me in, I took the train to the hostel and met up with Tiffany, and here I am! Today we wandered around some shopping areas (didn't buy anything though) and we're back at the hostel right now waiting until it gets cooler at night to go out again. I saw a great Engrish shirt that had a very flowery picture of a gun, and said "Bang bang! Enough of this pretentious drivel. Elevator up! Elevator up!"

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