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Taipei day one

Today we woke up at like ten. After dragging ourselves out of bed, we had some baked goods for breakfast and then found an Internet cafe (hence previous post). We headed over to the National Palace museum after that, which included several stressful conversations in Mandarin between taxi driver, random museum guy, and yours truly. The museum itself is being renovated and has a lot of soothing Chinese paintings and a lot of ancient pottery from like 4000 BC. And a jade cabbage! Unfortunately, they do not sell umbrellas, which we desperately needed upon looking outside at the pouring rain. Oh yeah, for lunch I had a Haagen-Dazs ice cream bar, and J had meat and rice and a Haagen-Dazs ice cream bar. Anyway, we ended up getting soaked to the bone trying to get back to the taxi stand, and I nearly slipped and fell on my ass like 10 times (damned frictionless flip-flops). J bought a cheery blue umbrella at the Shilin subway station. (But she hasn't used it yet, and if it doesn't rain tomorrow she's going to be kind of annoyed).

Then we made our way to the Taipei 101 mall, which is located by the tallest building in the world (that is still under construction, as we found out by getting into an elevator and discovering that the buttons were impotent). J bought some lemony handmade soap (with sand in it) from Lush -- awesome British soap store. Then we swung by the Japanese bakery and consumed more baked goods. Then I tried on some shoes from Benneton's new Formula One line, which were very cute on the stands but not so cute on my feet (J is not a fan of pink polka dots -- which look like bubble gum stuck to the shoe -- or green polka dots -- which look like a frog got sick).

Then we went home. Food tally up to now: baked goods + ice cream (and some meat and rice).

We just had dinner and are now suffering from food coma and Starbucks withdrawal. Next stop: Starbucks.

-- creator of pretentious drivel, Tiffany
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